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Heritage Funeral Home, Lake Charles

What's the difference?

There are many funeral homes to choose from in your time of need.  It can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and thinking "what's the difference?".  So you need to know there are two types of funeral homes:


                            1) Corporate-minded, and

                            2) Community-minded


              Corporate-minded funeral homes are owned by big corporations, which means 

              they have "headquarters" somewhere out of town, sometimes even out of state.  

              That means they have managers for their managers, often leaving an impersonal 

              feeling with the families they "serve".  It also means, unfortunately, they typically  

              only care about the "bottom dollar".  And most corporations have several 

              businesses in several states, which means several employees (all with differing 

              personalities) and a lot of overhead, meaning more costs for you and your family.



              Heritage Funeral Home, however, is a community-minded funeral home.  Our

              concern is for the community in which we serve: you and your family.   We

              have no "headquarters" or conflicting employee personalities.  Our prices are 

              very competitive because of our lower overhead costs, which only helps you and 

              your family in your time of need.  When you experience a loss, you want to be 

              surrounded by family.  And when you choose a funeral home, you want to be 

              treated like family.  Heritage Funeral Home is our business, but it's also our 

              ministry.  It is truly our honor to be able to serve you and your loved ones.  We 

              appreciate your trust and we take it very seriously.  Our compassion for people 

              in the community is what sets us apart in service. 



             And THAT makes all the difference!

Heritage Funeral Home, Lake Charles
Heritage Funeral Home, Lake Charles
Heritage Funeral Home, Lake Charles
Bethke Family

Thomas L. Bethke

Thomas Bethke is a dually-licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director in the state of Louisiana.  His compassionate care and service to the community is what sets him apart in Moss Bluff and the surrounding areas.  Call him today at

337-214-4443 to make an appointment.


Thomas attends Open Door Baptist Church in Ragley, along with his wife, Becky, and their four children, Drew, Dean, Macie, and Mattie.

"At Heritage Funeral Home, it is our honor to provide for and serve your family during your time of need."


- Thomas

Heritage Funeral Home, Lake Charles
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